Birch Law Firm

Who are we?

We assist the insurance industry and commercial businesses in all aspects of the law of damages, insurance law and related areas of the law.

Our advisory and other legal services range from managing risks and optimising operations to handling the commercial and legal aspects of our clients’ customer contracts and relationships with claimants, collaborative partners, competitors, government agencies, etc.

We also help our clients resolve disputes amicably as well as mediate and conduct arbitration and legal proceedings before all Danish courts from district courts to the Supreme Court of Denmark.

Our services are based on many years of experience working in and with the insurance and business sector in Denmark and internationally. In addition, we focus on developing the skills of our staff through supplementary training, courses and lectures within our areas of practice in order to achieve a high degree of specialisation.


Gammel Strandvej 16, 1
2990 Nivå

+45 8230 7022

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